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About The Emirates Network
The Emirates Network [TEN] was launched in October 2002 as an Internet portal established to provide a wide range of services and information to Internet users in the United Arab Emirates. Since its launch, TEN has expanded on its initial contents and developed various subsidiary websites, which are briefly described below.

TEN Directory
TEN Dir was launched with the opening of TEN and is the largest and most updated online website directory/search engine of UAE websites, which now contains over 2,100 personal and company websites (as of August 2004). Each website added to the directory contains a detailed title and description written by a staff of TEN.

TEN Jobs
It was launched in February 2004 after the overwhelming success of a jobs article written on how to find employment in the UAE. TEN Jobs contains job vacancies posted on employment agencies in the UAE.

TEN Travel & Tourism
As the UAE is a very popular tourist destination, TEN launched a travel and tourism website for the UAE. TEN Travel & Tourism is divided into two sections, the first caters to individuals planning to visit the UAE and the second caters to individuals living in the UAE who would be travelling abroad.

TEN Guide
When TEN was launched, it contained a UAE guide section, and this section expanded into a complete website after co-operating with TEN Guide is focused on providing internet users outside of the UAE with information on life in the UAE.

TEN Movies
A year before the launch of TEN, the developers of TEN launched the most popular movies/cinemas website in the UAE, which was found at But in July 2004, TEN expanded on the contents of and launched the largest Middle East movie and cinema related website, TEN Movies.

TEN Real Estate
Launched in October 2005, TEN Real Estate was developed to cater to the regions real estate boom. The section contains profiles of the various developments, real estate developers and towers, along with property classifieds.

A number of the sections previously on TEN have been closed and will likely be launched as subsidiary websites in the new future.

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