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Why Websites Are Poorly Ranked On Search Engines?

    After building Hiba (Hamza's webcrawler), I sent her out to visit the first page of 200 Islamic websites and here are the results.

  • Less than 5% of the 200 websites had meta tags.
  • About 5% of the 200 websites had blank title tags.
  • About 30% of the 200 websites had very short or undescriptive title tags.

    Basically the above results show that about 75-80% of Islamic websites would have poor listing and website displaying in search engines because of their unsuitable title and meta tags. So what can be done about this major problem with Islamic websites. It would require Muslim webmasters to take a few minutes of their time and write up proper descriptive title and meta tags. For those webmasters who don't know about meta tags, please read the following article (What Are Meta Tags?). For those of you who know of meta tags and wish to insert them into your pages with ease, I would encourage you to download a meta tag program that I built, Meta Tag Builder.

    Muslim webmasters should be aware that search engines use a limited portion of the title and meta tags. For this reason, you should not allow the title tag to exceed 64 characters, the meta-description tag to exceed 160 characters and the meta-keywords tag to exceed 1000 characters. To test a webpage's meta tags, use the Meta Tag Analyzer.

    It is important for Muslim webmasters to have descriptive title and meta tags for all webpages on their website. It is best to start with the title and meta tags of the first page of a website but it shouldn't stop there. Muslim webmasters need to do this for all pages because if they don't then it is not much use of having the information on the Internet. This will help in the ranking and display of the website in the search engines as well as help in the visibility of the website on the Internet. It is a fact that 95% of the Internet use the major search engines to find information on the Internet, so why not try to get a good ranking in these search engines by having descriptive title and meta tags on your website.

    Once you have finished adding descriptive title and meta tags, you should submit your website to the top search engines. I have built a free webmaster service that submits your website to a number of the top search engines (Automatic Search Engine Submitter). Some search engines require you to submit your website manually, and a list of them can be found here.

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