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Driver Backup 1.0

Driver Backup is a systems utility for Windows 95/98/Me that will allow users to backup driver files for devices installed on their computer (currently it is unable to handle Windows NT/2000/XP). If you are looking to backup drivers from Windows NT/2000/XP, then you can try Driver Collector 1.2.

The Reason For Its Creation

    When a computer is purchased, driver diskettes and/or CDs come with the crucial devices that Windows can't automatically configure. The most common devices which come with driver diskettes are graphics cards, sound cards and modems. Sometimes these driver diskettes may get lost or damaged and without these drivers users would be unable to configure Windows to use the device, if Windows was deleted and re-installed.

The Solution To The Problem

    It just so happens that the necessary driver files for all devices installed in Windows are found on your computer and with Driver Backup, all you need to do is select the device and it will copy all the necessary driver files to a location you specify, for later usage when Windows requests them. The software would be very useful for computer technicians, but regular computer users would also find it useful. There are a few software like Driver Backup that can create hardware driver backups and they are -

ShadowX's Driver Expert Backup by Teo Sze Siong [Shareware]
WindowsDriverBackup by JerMar Software Corp. [Freeware]
My Drivers by HunterSoft [15-day Trial]
Copyright and Price

    Driver Backup is copyrighted by Philipz Inc. in 2003 and shouldn't be distributed without prior permission from Philipz Inc. The program is freeware and we would like those who use it to email us their comments and bugs.

System Requirements and Screenshot

Windows 95/98/Me and VB6 Runtime
120Kb of hard disk space

Driver Backup Screenshot
Click Here To Download

Release Date and Versions

1.0 1st March 2003
  First Version.
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