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404 Manager 1.0

404 Manager is a Perl (CGI) script that can run on a Linux/Unix server (will not work on Windows NT servers) and log 404 error page webpage requests.

The Reason For Its Creation

    The Internet is nothing more than websites with links on them that link from page to page, but when a link to a webpage that doesn't exist, this causes the surfer to encounter a HTTP 404 Page Not Found page. 404 pages occur on all websites and webmasters have to look through server logs to see where and when these pages are encountered. Some webmasters use link checkers that go through the web pages on their website in order to detect possible 404 pages, but these link checkers can't check webpages that link to pages on their website.

The Solution To The Problem

    To solve the complete problem of 404 detection, a script or program would have to log all 404 pages that occur on the websites server. A number of perl scripts are currently able to log 404 page requests, like 404 Error Checker, Cliff's 404 Finder, Master 404 and Ri404. All of these scripts are able to log 404 requests but only logging the requests wouldn't make the script sufficient to handle all the problems that occur with 404s. The following list describes what 404 Manager has to offer.

Administration Script - Included along with the 404 Manager log script is an administration script that will allow the configuration of the log script to the webmaster's requirements, as well as the viewing of logged information.

Automatic Configuration - In the administration script, the script can automatically configure a Linux/Unix server to use the 404 Manager log script.

Automatic Redirection - The 404 Manager log script is automatically configured to redirect 404 requests due to a mistake in the file's name (will redirect a 404 request for the file 'index.HTML' to 'index.html'). If the log script is still unsuccessful to find a filename with the same name as the 404 request, it will search for alternative extensions for possible redirection (will search for files with alterative extensions, like .htm and .shtml).

404 Redirect - Allows the redirection of specific 404 requested webpages to alternative addresses. Very useful if a link from another website is causing 404s, with this feature you can automatically redirect users to another address.

404 Managing - In addition to logging the 404 requests, the log script can be configured to email 404 requests to a given email address and to redirect 404 requests to a given page.

Copyright and Price

    404 Manager is copyrighted by Philipz Inc. in 2003 and shouldn't be distributed without prior permission from Philipz Inc. The script is free to use as long as the banner advertisement placed at the bottom of each administration page is left intact. We also request that you add a link to this page, from your website's links page. If you wish to remove the advertisement then you are required to purchase the script for $ 20. Click here to download the script.

Release Date and Versions

1.0 1st March 2003
  First Version.
Websites Using The Script
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