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What Is Perl And What Can It Do?

    Perl is an interpretated programming language similar to BASIC (this means that programs created with Perl are executed line by line) but it was specifically developed to work on Unix servers on the internet. Perl is the main language used to make CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts, but it is possible to make cgi-scripts with C/C++, AppleScript, Python, Unix Shell and Visual Basic.

    Perl programs are executed (run) from the server computer (the computer you are connected with) and because of this Perl is known as a server-side programming language. The advantage of server-side programming languages is that they work with any browser unlike client-side programming languages like Javascript. 

    Now let's talk about what you can do with Perl. Well in my opinion, you can create many things in Perl that will make your website more interactive to your website visitor. The following list is a list a few of the things that can be created in Perl.

  • Feedback Form (Allows visitors to email you directly from a web page)

  • Tell A Friend or Reffer-It (Allows visitors to reffer your website to their friends)

  • Mailing List (Allows you to email all the individuals who subscribe to your mailing list at once)

  • Counter (Allows you to track the number of visitors to your website)

  • Guestbook (Allows your visitors to leave you comments of what they think of your website)

  • Bulletin Board (Allows your visitors to post questions that can be answered by you or other visitors)

  • Site Search (Allows your visitors to search your website for specific information)

  • Link Checker (Allows you to verify that the links on a specific page are all valid)

  • Search Engine (Something like Altavista, Excite, Lycos, Hotbot, Google, etc.)

  • Website Directory (Something like Yahoo!, Open Directory Project [DMOZ], Looksmart, etc.)

  • Shopping Cart (Allows your visitors to pick specific items that can be purchased from your website)

    As I said above, the above list is a few of the things that can be developed with Perl but the limits are endless. All you need to do is use your creativity to think of other things that can be made, like a Meta Tag Analyzer, Search Engine Submitter.

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