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Meta Tags Builder 1.1

    To assist webmasters in adding and modifying meta tags to html files, I built a Windows 95 or higher program (application / software) which will add and modify meta tags in html files.

 Advantages Of Using This Software

    I built this program because I haven't come across a single program which has the same capabilities as this one.

    All meta tags software that I have come across, would only generate the meta tags but would require you to insert them into the html file. Also, these meta tags software would not allow you to modify meta tags in html files and would add additional information to the generated meta tags promoting their software. Even after the limited capabilities of these meta tags software, many of them asked that you pay for the software, but in my opinion the software was not even worth a penny.

    Meta Tags Builder has all the features that other meta tags software don't have, as well as it's for FREE (I only ask that if you use the program, you send me your comments and suggestions for the improvement of the program). In addition to the automatic insertion and extraction of meta tags, it is also able to extract meta tags from files being viewed in your Internet Explorer browser (Netscape Navigator / Communicator are not currently supported).

    Even with all of these advanced capabilities, the setup for Meta Tags Builder is very tiny when comparing to other meta tags software. The setup program for Meta Tags Builder is only a 400kb and Meta Tags Builder itself is only 68kb.

    Version 1.0 was released on the 1st of October 2000 and version 1.1 was released on the 1st of January 2003. Version 1.1 fixed a small bug which caused other meta tags in an html file to be deleted.

Minimum System Requirements

Meta Tags Builder 1.1 Screen Shot
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